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Letter: Objects in St. Joseph

Dear Editor,

Are you aware of the new zoning ordinances enacted by our town government? I thought the residents had rejected clustered housing some years ago in St. Joe.

Well, it's back. Our Town Board will deny that because it has a new

name. Unfortunately, it is the same game with just a new name and it has

been passed and has taken effect.

Landowners, in many cases, your land is your 401k. You bought or inherited it, worked it, paid taxes on it and now what? The day may come when you or your heirs choose to develop. Are you aware that 40 percent of your land is required to be set aside forever?

Wetlands? There is a limit on how close you can sell to them.

Slopes, if the grade is too steep, you will not be able to develop in that area.

The property my house sits on would not be approved for a house today because of the slope. Please do not feel confident that these lands will fall inside that 40 percent set aside. They may well be in addition to that land.

This is an issue that should concern ALL residents of St. Joe. If you had requested a zoning change for your property, I suspect you would have been required to notify adjoining property owners. This concerns YOUR property. Were YOU notified?

Our Town Board rejected the idea of notifying the affected property owners. Obviously someone rejected the idea also of being OUR representatives. Our elected officials were voted in to represent our best interests, not their own wishes and desires.

There is a Planning Commission meeting at the St. Joseph Town Hall on Wednesday, March 25, at 7 p.m. We need interest and input from town residents, especially the affected landowners. Come voice your opinions March 25 and also at the polls on April 7.

Time to vote for responsible government that is concerned about its citizens and willing to work with them. On April 7, I will be voting for responsible government. My vote will be for Kevin Atkins as chair.