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Letter: Wants changes in Chapter 168

Dear Editor,

The landowners of the town of St. Joseph need to know that the Planning Commission is recommending Chapter 168 - article IV to stand as it was written.

This means that large landowners will not be able to sell or subdivide their property without restrictions and will have to pay more money for each waiver pertaining to their property.

On May 13 the Planning Commission met at its regular meeting and the "minority" of the town's residents showed up to support Chapter 168. However the majority of residents outnumber the minority and are with the landowners asking that the wording of 168 to be changed. The landowners submitted a petition back in February to have the word "optional" added, and this was met with a heated exchange from the supporters of Chapter 168.

A vote was taken at the May 13 meeting and the Planning Commission chose to leave Chapter 168 as it was written; the vote was 5 to 1 to not give the landowners any ownership over their own land.

As you can see, the landowners have no help from the St. Joseph Planning Commission in regards to Chapter 168. This is a move by the environmentalists in our community to take over control of private property, but Chapter 168 will not affect them because they do not own any acreage that can be subdivided.

The Planning Commission is sending 168 back to the Town Board for discussion and a vote.

Please, landowners of St. Joseph, come to the next Town Board meeting June 4 and stand up for your right to say what you want done with your property.