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Hudson Library Notes: Baby sign language at the library

Baby sign language is a rapidly growing practice among parents who hope to develop the cognitive skills and emotional health of their infants. Why use sign language if your baby can hear though? Surprisingly, there are lots of reasons!

Learn about those reasons and more at our free Baby Sign Language Class. The event will take place from 6-8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25. The course will be taught by speech language pathologist Jenny Lief in partnership with Hudson Hospital & Clinic. We encourage you to attend without your babies so distractions are minimized.

In a recent National Institute of Health (NIH)-funded study, researchers compared two groups of 11-month-old babies. One group was trained in sign language, the other group in verbal skills. The study found that babies who learned signing at a young age had more advanced vocabularies and verbal skills than non-signers. Though the cognitive differences decreased as children aged, the study found that children who learned how to sign often had slightly higher IQs than those who were taught only in verbal skills.

Furthermore, research shows that signing reduces frustration for babies and parents. Everyone has encountered an inconsolable child who wants something but cannot communicate that effectively to their caregiver. Often the parent feels helpless because they want to understand their child, but they are unable to simply guess what their child wants. When you learn to sign with your baby you can enjoy your time more, and lose less sleep trying to make sense of a child's tantrums.

Taking formal lessons can help mothers feel comfort in knowing that their child is developing well, and they can feel more tuned in to what their child is trying to communicate. In the last decade, parents have found joy in learning alongside their child, and they feel empowered to help their baby learn and grow from a young age.

This class - and all our programs - is free thanks to donations made to the Hudson Area Public Library Foundation.

For more information about this and our other programs, visit our website at or call us at 715-386-3101.

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