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Viewpoint: Oh the space weather outside is frightful

Some in our community have joined the ranks of millions of self-appointed experts lacking any semblance of qualifications. They and countless others seem resolute in sounding the global alarmist bell which the rest of us are expected to take note, and take our climate change orders with man-made fixes to the planet's climate seriously. We all are told this is "settled science" an oxymoronic expression of unsurpassed stupidity. In fact the essential character of science itself is transitory and ever improving, otherwise the flat earth would still be at the center of the solar system, right?

Having spent my entire career battling Mother Nature and her ever changing ways above and below the tropopause, I have learned two things about climate that are not only irrefutable, but the bedrock reality of climate: change and uncontrollability.

Now I can hear alarmists squealing already about man-made accelerations with silly evidence like the U. S. hurricanes, which were strangely absent for the past 12 years of global warming claims but are now proof positive of it. Then there are the California wildfires, where the Santa Ana winds, which are older than the dirt on Junipero Serra's sandals, are supposedly indisputable evidence of man-made impact on climate. But, what about natural climate change? The super volcanic eruptions coming underneath Sumatra or Yellowstone, explosions so large we may not see the sun for a dozen years? How do we control that threat of a volcanic winter?

Rather than debate dubious, earthly claims let's take a look outside our atmosphere: consider the perils this planet is really facing, because the weather inside is actually so delightful!

Let's think about all those craters on the moon and the asteroid belt and the way of the dinosaurs, seen the movie? Getting the picture? If you think the asteroid belt is scary, how about rogue planets NASA cannot even begin to track, until it's far too late? One just blew though our delicate little orbit this past year. A collision with any of these free-wheeling, uncontrollable objects will end life as we know it on earth within a few short minutes.

But that's nothing compared to the devastation if a nearby star collapses into a quasar and lights up. Look it up yourself, I lack enough word space here but a quasar could end our solar system's existence in a nanosecond, or maybe after the quasar we will just get swallowed up by its leftovers, a supermassive black hole, which could devour us just as eternally. Or perhaps, just the re-balancing of matter and dark anti-matter and poof, we're all gone. Where's the man-made control lever for these? Are you scared yet? Still worried about imperceptible climate change?

But how about back on earth? How about a nice little coronal mass ejection (CME) that just happens to arc over on our huge sun's surface and lash out directly at our fragile planet? These happen cyclically but on a regular basis. Just Google space weather. A bad one can (and does) knock out satellites and communications, but a really bad one could rip through the magnetic field of our itty, bitty sphere and blast us out of our earthly existence. Was a solution for this in the Paris treaty? Why not, don't they realize the threats posed here?

Notions of self-preservation are natural. However, one must realize our place here on this little planet, having enough humility to understand we are vulnerable and we are not in control. In fact, maybe climate change isn't about threats at all, maybe it's just about control and the business of redistribution of intra-planetary wealth under the guise of a threat to our planet? Without the protections provided by almighty God, you don't stand a prayer of staying alive on this planet. So since we've no place to go, let it snow let it snow let it snow!