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Letters to the Editor

Restaurant inspection reports


I have often looked in the Star Observer for published reports of local restaurant inspections by municipal governments and have never noticed them. In a phone call to the Star Observer I learned today such restaurant inspection results are printed in the legal publication section of the newspaper. (Editor's note: Restaurant inspection results are not printed anywhere in the Star Observer.)

I suggest these inspection results are news items for most consumers and are worthy of publication in the news section of the newspaper.

In many Wisconsin communities where I have lived I often read the results of restaurant inspections as news reports, including Milwaukee, Wausau and Eau Claire. I think this is information most readers would appreciate.

Ed Scherrer


Phyllis Schlafly's in our midst


Betty Friedan called her "a traitor to her sex" in her younger years and when she died in 2016 Phyllis Schlafly had not changed her point of view at all over the decades. She remained a champion of traditional stay-at-home rules for women. Publicly she declared herself as being anti-feminism, anti-choice, anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism, anti-women in the military, and anti-same-sex marriage. Schlafly's views recently made their way into my home via the mail because of Citizens for the St. Croix Valley wanting to educate me about their beliefs, which follow hers. I learned that after years of publication both the Phyllis Schlafly Report and the Eagle Forum Report continue today with the same exclusionary tone and conservative doctrine. I should not be surprised that in 2018 I'm faced with issues similar to what my mother faced during her lifetime and know that the cycle of discrimination has no end. I remember clearly when my mother marched for Women's Rights in Washington DC in the late 1970s, while Schlafly fought against the Equal Rights Amendment and almost single-handedly stopped its passage. She was a professional, career-minded mom during a time when moms were expected to stay at home, like their contemporaries. Both my working parents were strong, positive role models, who exemplified hard work, perseverance, devotion to their faith, continued advancement and understanding through education, and an openness to others. To find people who share my values - improving and supporting all lives here in Hudson - I have joined the Hudson Inclusion Alliance ( and "anti" this, that and the other thing do not apply.

Eden Penn