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Letters to the editor: Elect a justice who fairly applies laws to all; Christianity has given much to the world

Christianity has given much to the world


As we gein the new year, I can't help but remember that there are many who don't actually celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, but instead use the day as an excuse to spend money on "stuff," relax around the house, maybe play games with the kids or just take a nice, long nap! And we can do all those things and ignore the good that the birth of Jesus has brought to earth over the last 2,000 years! But just look at some of what Christ-followers have done!

• Hospitals begun during the Middle Ages (started by Christians)

• Universities also begun during the Middle Ages; most to teach commoners about the Bible

• Mass education to teach people to read the Bible

• Free enterprise and capitalism, begun in opposition to Marxism, slavery and Communism

• Separation of political powers, seen in our three branches of government

• Abolition of slavery in both ancient and modern times

• All of modern science comes from the minds of Christian men

• Condemnation of adultery and sexual perversions, which has helped preserve the human race and spared many from heartache

• Given high regard for human life, born and unborn

• Higher standard of justice

• Elevated women above the level of chattel

• Charity and benevolence—the Good Samaritan ethic

• Elevation of common man, above slavery or serfdom

There are more, but you get the idea. No other religion ha brought the benefits that are merely by-products of what Christianity has brought to mankind. Since all of the above are documented, why do so many mock Christianity? Could it be that they, like Adam and Eve, simply do not wish to have God be the one in control?

Meredith Berg


Elect a justice who fairly applies laws to all


With the spring primary election coming up, I'd like to ask everyone to think about what qualities you expect to see in a Supreme Court justice.

Spring elections are non-partisan, so politics should not play a role in this ballot decision. We should be looking for a person with a wide-ranging background—both in relation to the law and as a citizen. The best candidate needs a strong focus on the Constitution, and is one who believes in a judiciary that fairly applies our laws to everyone.

Not all candidates in this race are like this. Do your research. We need an individual who owes no favors to politicians. Look for experience and proven leadership; someone who will bring the values of hard work and fairness to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Let's take the opportunity to elect a justice who reflects Wisconsin's best with your vote on Feb. 20.

Tammy Tollefson

Town of Clifton

Prime time


As we prepare for the tourist season retailers will have to put more effort into instilling patience into their staff. As I instructed a new potential future driver one day as her mother was teaching her how to put gas in her car, there is a lot retail customers have to know.

I proceeded to inform her in front of her mother, if she has a bad day, feel free to take it out on the staff at whichever retailer you choose. That is what the staff is paid for. You are a customer giving that clerk your hard earned money so they are working for you. Don't take it out on the person or happening of the day that irritated you, take it out on the clerk who you don't know and had nothing to do with your problem. It is her job to listen to you relieve your frustration.

The young lady's mother just stared at me with her mouth open in awe to what I was saying. When I finished I said, "never mind," I just thought I would teach her what sarcasm was while you were teaching.

Tony R. Huppert

Spring Valley