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Letter to the Editor

Yak, yak, yak


Another mass shooting. This time killing 17 students in Florida. Another call was made for stricter background checks and a few others that in no way impinge on the 2nd Amendment.

Once again the Republicans say this is no time to bring up talk on guns. So, on and on it goes and massacre after massacre happens.

Truth be told, more laws will not end mass murders with guns. The only real solution is to ban all high capacity military style assault rifles and all bullet clips holding more than seven shells held by anyone other than law enforcement or the military. The ban would end all sales of these items immediately and require all items held by the public be turned in to the ATF. Non-compliance would be a federal felony. Reimbursement would be made.

Democrats can argue for stricter laws and Republicans can continue to be shills for the NRA and mass shootings will continue until hell freezes over.

Twice in the 20th century, these types of weapons were barred from public ownership so it is useless to argue that this is a new thought or a "slippery slope."

There's a saying "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Wrong, "Guns kill people. Some more than others."

I'm a gun owner and I uphold the 2nd Amendment, but I see this as the only real solution.

Marvin L. Nelson

River Falls

Our team


Editor's note: This submission is meant to be a satirical piece on Donald Trump.

So, Donny called the other day and wants me to play on his ball team in a tournament this year. There are a few things I know about Donny that make me stop and think twice about it. First, Donny spins wild, crazy yarns and makes things up, and, WOW, does he brag on and on about

himself. What kind of a coach does that?

Then, there is the way he makes fun of players, calling them names like we used to do in grade

school. And what about the ringers he brings in that haven't been approved by the league? It would be much better if I thought Donny had respect for the game and all the players, especially the women, on his team. He hasn't even figured out what to do if a player gets whacked on the head with a bat or breaks a finger ... the first aid kit in the dugout is empty!

To top it off, I'm not so sure he knows the rules of the game because he constantly argues with the umpires and despises the security guards. Some even say Donny has secretly been sharing team secrets and made promises to our largest and worst rivals across the river.

So, should I play ball for Donny? No thanks! The team deserves better--a new coach and coaching staff!

Sally Giese


Parkland, Florida, plus more


It is taking the anguished and angry cries of heartbroken schoolchildren to get the attention of the yellow bellied members of Congress who are so afraid of upsetting their Supreme leaders: namely our Nazi-loving so called president and the N.R.A.

This time these kids will get results, I am sure; their anger has already turned to action, as they so aptly put it. This IS the time for action—prayers and hand wringing and good thoughts are a dime a dozen, blowing in the wind until the next automatic rifle is in the hands of some deranged person, giving he or she their 15 minutes of fame.

Gun laws be damned. There is no place in a civilized society for a weapon like this, not even in police work. These are not rifles in any sense; these are out-and-out savage killing machines, and should no longer be manufactured at all. Enough of them are already in circulation to equip a good-sized army

Remember too, that the high school kids are soon, if not already, voting age, so goodbye to Trump ,Paul Ryan, Mitch, and many more. I hope young people all over join their movement; yes, here in Ellsworth, River Falls, Prescott, Spring Valley, Plum City, Elmwood, Pepin and Hudson, hopefully nationwide. You have the energy, the common sense and the intelligence to make a lasting change.

So now the so called DACA ''problem.'' Very simple solution—as a group, these folks are better citizens than many of our homegrown self-righteous types that have no charity in their souls. Just because you are a citizen of this country by an accident of birth doesn't make you a better person. The economic effect they have is very much on the plus side. If they are forced out by Trump's I.C.E. Gestapo goons, this country will be worse off because of it. Some other country may be glad to get a group of somewhat educated hard workers; and suppose a few of them develop a very deserved hatred for the rotten treatment that they have gotten from the country that once valued their talents and work ethic-and become enemies with mayhem in their hearts.

Don Beebe


The Feb. 15 editorial


Your editorial ("A free press, not a free-for-all," Feb. 15) was well done and most welcome. It would have been more responsible, however, if you acknowledged that there is as much rage and unreason on the left in our country as there is on the right.

Along with your examples of intolerance—attitudes toward Muslims and illegal immigrants, usually associated with conservatives—you could have added Black Lives Matter's hatred of the police (marchers chanting "Dead cops now" and throwing pieces of concrete at them) and the pockets of Islam where there is more than a whiff of misogyny and arranged marriages and female genital mutilation are advocated and even practiced.

We—all of us—are in a terrible mess, and the way to break our habits of hatred and irrationality begins with even-handed and fair-minded dialogue.

Andrea Hinding