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Letter to the editor: They pledged allegiance; Curious about St. Croix Animal Friends

They pledged allegiance


Forty-one states and the District have seen at least 150 mass shootings claiming over 1,100 lives by a lone shooter since mid 1966.

Our elected representatives first duty is to protect the people, to keep them safe. Our president overturned a previously enacted measure that would make it improbable for mentally incapacitated people to own a firearm. The governor of Florida made it easier to buy an AR-15 than to purchase a car.

Certain members of Congress have traded $5,900,000 for the lives of the mass shooting victims and steadfastly maintain their allegiance to the NRA.

Roger Schlemmer


Constitution Alive course


I recently noted that among the Hudson Community Education offerings beginning in March, there is a course titled "Constitution Alive." The instructor self-identifies as a hobbyist historian. His intent is to "expose people to the original intent of our Founding Fathers."

Should you choose to join this course, I would suggest that by means of preparation, you consult some of the many professional historians and read their findings about "the original intent" of the writers. Doing so, you will find that (1) Between 1750 and 1800, the influence of the Christian church and its beliefs was at its lowest ebb in the history of America (between 6 percent and 11 percent were Christian), and the few Christian ministers who spoke out between 1787 and 1789 denounced the proposed Constitution as godless, anti-Christian, Jewish, Islamic, deistic, pagan, and atheistic; (2) Most of our country's founders were rationalists who operated with reason alone, and many of them were deists; (3) Those who were deists, including Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Franklin among many others, believed that the course of nature gave evidence to the existence of God, but they felt that formal religion was unnecessary; and (4) The writers of our constitution were not in the Christian religion business, as evidenced by the United States Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11 (negotiated during Washington's administration, then unanimously ratified by the U.S. Senate and signed by President Adams in 1797) that said "[T]he government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion."

So to help make the historical record clear, the crucial period in the formation of the American republic (1750 to 1800) was marked by rationalism, which is reflected in our founding documents. No latter day revisionism will change that fact.

Daniel C. Bruch, D.Min., Ph.D.


Curious about St. Croix Animal Friends


A group calling itself "St. Croix Animal Friends" has been soliciting donations by means of collection boxes next to cash registers in Hudson, where I live. These boxes have been in place for years.

I question the integrity of this group.

Several years ago, a man and woman appeared on a Saturday morning program on KARE 11 TV, purporting to be the organizers of this group. They alleged that St. Croix County had no animal shelter.

That statement was not then, and still is not, true.

Gregory's Gift of Hope was then, and still is, a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter, operating outside of New Richmond, Wis. I adopted a cat there. Recently, a grade-school class in Hudson collected pet needs to donate to Gregory's. The Hudson Star Observer periodically runs stories about Gregory's.

What, if any, activities, has the St. Croix Animal Friends done in furtherance of animals?

Can they provide an accounting of the money they have collected?


Diane Cornell


Thankful for support


Thank you so much to the Hudson Lions Club for supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of NW in the St. Croix Valley with your annual meat raffle proceeds.

This support goes a long way in helping us serve children facing adversity in Hudson. I also wanted to thank the Lions members for being such gracious and welcoming hosts at your event. The Lions Club has an incredible history of supporting local initiatives, so and we were thrilled with this support and the resources it will bring to the most vulnerable children among us.

Mentoring works! In this age of serious cyclical issues such as drug/alcohol abuse, illiteracy, poverty and violence, mentoring is one of the few proven ways to help youth avoid the negative path of delinquency. For instance, after only one year of spending time with an extra caring adult, research shows that 77 percent of our "Littles" are reaching higher goals, 33 percent are less likely to hit and 46 percent better avoid drugs/alcohol. Want more info?

Heidi Herron

Regional Director of Community Development

Big Brothers Big Sisters of NW, St. Croix Valley Region