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Letter to the editor: St. Croix Animal Friends responds; Frustrated with town board

St. Croix Animal Friends responds


We are responding to a Letter to the Editor published on March 1, 2018, regarding St. Croix Animal Friends. As members of that organization's board, we would like to address those concerns.

St. Croix Animal Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with Tax ID #56-561338. We currently own 6.5 acres of land in Roberts, Wis., which is to be the future site of the shelter and education center.

Perc tests have recently been completed, as well as the removal of trees as part of the land preparation. We are currently working with a builder on the blueprints for the building.

St. Croix Animal Friends already has programs established and in place. The Pet Food Outreach Program supplies pet food to area residents who may need assistance in feeding and keeping their pets in their homes. The program also supplies food to food pantries in St. Croix and Pierce counties. We have a low-cost spay/neuter program which is partially funded by canisters located in area businesses and our Emergency Medical Program assists pet owners with emergency medical bills. We are also partnering with Petco and adopting out cats and kittens.

We are an open book. Our financials are available for viewing by calling 715-749- 3763. We also encourage everyone to attend our monthly board meetings, which are held the first Thursday of every month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church at 6:30 p.m.

The Board Members of St. Croix Animal Friends

Submitted by Diana Neubarth, President, St. Croix Animal Friends


What do you see?


I picked up the Feb. 22, 2018 Hudson Star Observer and read the headline: "Safety is school districts' No. 1 priority" and the first thing I thought was, all you have to do is drive by the Hudson High School to see what their number one priority is. Priorities are where the most money is spent. What do you see as a priority when you drive by the High School?

Steven Mael


Frustrated with town board


In my two attempts of recovering damages from the Town Board of Hudson for wrongfully removing trees from my property I have not been given my day in court. Despite being filed in small claims, the Town hired outside litigation lawyers to make sure this matter would never get heard. It seems the good people of Hudson Township have decided to "look the other way" when the Town Board bullies one of its citizens. Ignoring the tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars the Board spent on bottom feeding lawyers to cover up their mistakes. Appeasement is never a good policy when dealing with a bully.

The conflict was over if Jacobs Lane is a recorded or unrecorded highway. If it is a recorded highway then there was no issue. However if Jacobs Lane is a unrecorded highway the Town of Hudson is responsible for damages occured while maintaining said highway. When the Town realized that Jacobs Lane was indeed an unrecorded highway, instead of admitting their error and making things right, they hired outside counsel to make sure this case never made it to court. Actions expectable in most civil procedures, but not for an elected board to take against one of its own.

I once had great respect for the Hudson Town Board. Some of the members I have known all my life. There was a time when I considered Chairman Johnson the third greatest American I had ever known. Right behind Richard Nixon and Little Johnny Hoover. Today he's just another elected official treading water in a swamp severely in need of draining.

John Windolff

Town of Hudson

Why should children pay the penalty?


When dads and moms with their young children in tow crossed the U.S. border without proper documentation, who broke the law? Did the children break the law?

If you say, "No, it was the parents who broke the law, not the children," then explain why those undocumented children now living today as adult "Dreamers" on American soil should be literally kidnapped by government thugs and ripped away from their homes, families, neighborhoods, schools, colleges, and jobs to be exiled in lands to which they are totally unfamiliar?

Why should children pay the penalty for the illegal acts of their parents? That's not just stupid, it's every bit as hateful as the villainous biblical King Nebuchadnezzar who force-marched thousands of Israelites from their homeland across the desert to slavery in Babylon.

Let us instead live by the values symbolized by that "mother of exiles" known as The Statue of Liberty. She beckons, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Harlen Menk


What if?


With 97 percent of climate scientists saying that the rate of global climate change is a serious problem, it leads to wondering just what we can do, as individuals. It turns out there are numerous ways that do not require a change in lifestyle. And, when even a portion of the American population takes part, the overall reduction in carbon output is amazing. Here's an example.

Replacing just one traditional incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent or LED bulb will eliminate, on average, 150 pounds of carbon per year. Changing the bulb from the light fixture that is most frequently on will divert even more carbon. Add 850 pounds of avoided carbon by installing a low-flow shower head (results in having to heat less water), and your household will have eliminated a half ton of carbon.

If every other American households changed that light bulb and shower head, America's carbon footprint would be cut by more than 30 million tons annually. Not bad, given no change in lifestyle was necessary. And, you'll see a drop in your energy bill.

Give it a go. For the kids.

Bruce Moore