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Viewpoint: What's missing? Critical thinking

To the editor: 

The key to school safety is security.

You wouldn't have guessed it from the television coverage, but only about 3,000 schools participated out of some 24,000 public and 10,000 private high schools in the United States.

There is not universal support for more gun control laws.

The National School Walkout did not encourage students to think for themselves. Three thousand schools fell into the lockstep of the left's political correctness to endorse one viewpoint on gun control and signaled to students what they should think. Those who disagreed with their peers' speeches were made to feel out of place.

Would school administration let a group of students protesting abortion walk out of class in the middle of the school day like they did with students who did so on Wednesday, March 14 in protests over school shootings?

Anyone with at least a room temperature IQ watching the television coverage could see the students were simply being used as political props. Parents, who have differing views on many issues, don't send their children to school to be pressured and manipulated in this way.

Critical thinking was absent when considering a student's statements offered to reporter Gretta Stark.

According to Stark, the student alleged "she started to feel more unsafe walking into school." Recognizing the student's willingness to express her feelings, it was incumbent upon the reporter to ask second and third level questions dealing in facts that may affect her feelings.

"Do you know the safety and security of schools in the Broward County School District were sacrificed on the altar of a leftist social experiment - Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support, & Education (PROMISE) program?"

"Do you know the killing spree in Florida might never had happened if not for a progressive social justice experiment that cultivated a fertile ground for violence in Broward County schools in the years leading up to the shooting?"

The student argued "government hasn't really done anything to stop this" and "innocent lives are being lost because of it." Obviously, the student didn't know the fact the killing was the result of government failures and begs the question "why didn't the student know this basic fact pattern that would have quelled her fear?"

The student further argued "there needs to be some type of change that will actually make a difference. In order for this to happen, people need to have awareness." Yes, awareness of facts, which she obviously isn't getting from any source: aka teacher(s) or parent(s).

Many schools across our country are indoctrinating students to believe government is the problem and government is also the answer to all their problems. Every person is now a victim of something.

Incredibly, a teacher and a principal, paid by taxpayer dollars, helped to organize the protest, a walk-out, organized by the Women's March, the brain-child of the far-left, radical, socialist, George Soros.

The Women's March was nothing more than an anti-Trump march. It had no redeeming value; it was vulgar, loud-mouth women, often with innocent children in tow, spewing vulgarity and hate speech, and couldn't articulate the reason for the march or their grievances.

Does any parent want their daughter to emulate Ashley Judd's vulgarity, a laughing stock? Madonna's angry-child melt-down? The march devolved into violation of laws and rioters causing property damage and injury to persons. Dangerous anarchists.

It would behoove teachers, principals, students, and their parents to read the article titled "Freedom or serfdom — which do you choose?" penned by attorney, RoxAnn Klugman, a woman with an obviously keen intellect and a great role model for girls [and boys, too].

IDEA: Students walk into the school, sit down, learn to think critically, wise up, and aspire to the intellect of Ms. Klugman and don't dumb down to the likes of Ashley Judd and Madonna.