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Letters to the editor: A few sensible gun laws; Delusional paranoia and conspiracy theories

A few sensible gun laws


Meredith Berg in her Viewpoint article last week, "Banning guns is NOT the answer," misses the point. The whole crux of her article was about the fear of the banning of all guns in this country.

She makes comparisons with Australia and World War II Norway where guns were totally banned and confiscated. That is not the case in this country where people protesting gun violence are simply asking for reasonable laws such as background checks at all sales venues and elimination of 30 round clips and bump stocks to help keep us safe. Nobody, from what I've seen is asking for a total ban and confiscation of all privately owned guns. I'm a gun owner and have been a hunter for most of my nearly 80 years.

I believe in the Second Amendment and still shoot skeet competitively. I'm not against guns, but nobody outside of the military or law enforcement needs a 30-round clip. I shoot skeet with an over and under shotgun, which is a semi-automatic firearm. It shoots as fast as I can pull the trigger, but it holds only two rounds. If it had a 30-round clip and a bump stock, it could be used as a deadly assault weapon.

Private citizens haven't been able to own machine guns, and that's not been an issue. Why then should a ban on buying a 30-round clip for a semi-automatic weapon be viewed as an infringement on our gun rights? I've heard all the paranoia and scare tactics put out by the far right and NRA about the government or Democrats trying to take our guns away. Yes, I've also heard the old argument that if they gain an inch they'll take a mile.

It's my belief that a few sensible gun laws, such as what I've mentioned above, will not solve all the problems but may make life a bit safer for all of us while not threatening our Second Amendment rights.

Paul Wright


Delusional paranoia and conspiracy theories


Last week I wrote a letter titled, "Hudson Presents Anti Muslim Speaker." That high-profile Iranian-American speaker, Aynaz Anni Cyrus, replied to it herself via Citizens For the St. Croix Valley's Facebook page. Here's what she said, "Wherever I go to speak across the USA, some very clever stalkers are now hounding my trail. This attack letter on me was clearly well-researched and finely crafted. We are at war with the wicked, twin, control ideologies of the Left-Islam alliance. The professional writing and editorial skills shown in this letter means that I am finally getting their attention at the top. And the expanding reach of my message has them worried." Quotes like this one are exactly how conspiracy theories come to life.

Multiple messages delivered by CFTSCV over the last few years contain an overarching theme that point towards the same conspiracy theory. Simply stated, Sharia or Islamic Laws could infiltrate the United States government on the federal or local levels to the extent that some exert control over the American people. This type of stifling paranoia is not grounded in reality and looms in the background whenever CFTSCV speak about Muslim refugees, female genital mutilation or Quran sanctioned Christian women used as sex slaves (HSO, 11-30-17), to name just a few topics.

Cyrus's attempt to align me with a so-called "left-Islam alliance" is ridiculous. I am like you: a long-term resident of the City of Hudson, a mother of children in our school system, a person grounded in religious faith, and an unabashed proud American. If Cyrus's response tells us anything, it is that each one of us has the ability to speak out with passion and conviction about that which we believe is wrong. What's more, Cyrus does not dispute my claim that she solicits through social media, speaking engagements and her website to gain revenue for herself, the underlying intention of her mission. In America, Cyrus's survival depends upon the persona that she's created from the hardships of her youth.

Cyrus has the Constitutional right to verbally smear every Muslim while she proselytizes against all of Islam on May 3. I have that same right as a member of this community to say that CFTSCV are doing damage by bringing her here to publicly speak. Go to Cyrus's website ( to learn about my concerns firsthand, where you'll find she propagates a groupthink mentality by instilling fear and paranoia through her words. This rhetoric feeds CFTSCV's delusional paranoia and reinforces the false idea that Islamic doctrine might affect them right here in Hudson.

Eden Penn


Polarized and politicized world


We are living in a time period of incredibly politicized, polarized, and even toxic politics of anger that manifests itself in hate. From the top of the White House on down, tactics are those of bullying and the spouting of noxious and dishonest rhetoric that seeks only to stir up further anger against anyone other than ourselves.

By ourselves, I mean those nice white Christian citizens who feel compelled to rout out those of different religious beliefs or skin color. In particular, two frequent letter-writers (including one from last week) sow the seeds of prejudice against those who are different from them. Both regularly use this newspaper to elevate their politics of bigotry.

Good white Christians do not hate, nor do they espouse demeaning stereotypes and bigotry against others. The same is true of good Muslims and good darker-skinned immigrants who also oppose hate. Hatred is toxic, and it hardens our hearts. I've learned this the hard way, and while I am a devout Christian Catholic, I'm not entirely free of anger that borders on hatred. But — I am trying to become better.

I think it is important that we do try to be respectful of people with whom we disagree.

It's also important to be honest (we do not have a poorly vetted refugee program). And while I don't expect everyone to agree me on issues, I do hope we can agree that we must speak up when people of a different race or religion are denigrated. Otherwise, in the words of Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, we are complicit with it.

Jackie Brux

Town of River Falls

Bondage over freedom?


"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32KJV

Apparently there are many residents in Hudson who prefer bondage over freedom. Unlike one of Hudson's most frequent writers to the HSO, I want the truth, whether it falls in line with my thinking or not.

Citizens for the St. Croix Valley also believe you would rather hear the truth, regardless of how hard it is to hear or believe. That is why they are sponsoring the event with Aynaz Anni Cyrus this Thursday night, 6 p.m. (doors open), at the Hudson House. Although some would label her as "anti-Muslim/Islamic," I prefer to think of her as pro-American and pro-woman. What does she have to gain by risking her life to warn us of the horrors women and children experience under radical Islamist ideology? She could have quietly enjoyed her new citizenship in the United States and stayed under the radar, but she could not.

I would like to personally thank Eden Penn for her expected and familiar letter to the editor. Her constant harassment of the Citizens for the St. Croix Valley insures them of continuing success to "educate, engage, and mobilize." They might just have to put her on a retainer!

Why anyone (especially a woman, wife, and mother) would not want to hear the truth from someone who has lived it, is beyond my comprehension.

All are welcome Thursday night.

Pat Sabin


Aynazi Cyrus to speak in Hudson


Recently Bethel Lutheran Church hosted a speaker on sex trafficking in Wisconsin. Sex (human) trafficking is not a topic that was discussed in private, let alone in public, while I was growing up. Now, it seems as though we have an epidemic on our hands. I know. "Why and how is this happening" in our quiet little community/county/state? We (Midwesterners) don't allow this to happen in our neighborhoods."

Well, folks, IT IS HERE! Right in west-central Wisconsin. According to DHS, Wisconsin is NUMBER 7 in HUMAN TRAFFICKING! (sounds so much better than "SEX TRAFFICKING" doesn't it?)

Why doesn't SOMEONE do something? Why aren't more (other than me) PEOPLE aware and educated?

Wasn't implementing the "Amber Alert" enough? Where are the police reports of incidence of sex trafficking? How many cases of attempted abduction are not reported in the news? Are our children aware of the dangers and what happens?

I see and hear many people demonstrating for socialism, free choice of lifestyle, free choice of having abortions, drug legalization, control, women's equality, gay rights, ethnic equality, and even the practice of Sharia Law ... you name it.

What about the oppression of women under Sharia Law? Isn't that a woman's rights issue? YOU and I have the opportunity to educate ourselves and listen to a woman who has personally experienced the abuse of a woman under Sharia Law. YOU have the opportunity to become involved!

Aynaz grew up in Iran. As a young child, she was forced to marry. Beaten and raped, she went to the courts but was told to go back to her husband and obey him. With the help of her grandmother, Aynaz managed to escape and spent three years as a refugee on her own in Turkey. After gaining US citizenship in 2010, safety and the freedom to be herself finally became a reality.

Aynazi Cyrus is speaking at the Hudson House on Thursday, May 3 at 6. Come and hear her story.

Learn how Iran has changed and what life is like for women living under sharia. Understand how and why sharia still threatens her today. To learn more about Aynazi, visit her website

Attendees can pre-register by email: A free-will donation will be collected to help defray costs of the event.

Dianne Joachim

New Richmond