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Letters to the editor: Road signs; Trouble in River City

Road signs


Many months ago, at the intersection of County Road E and V a change occurred that still has me saying, "What a simply great idea!" I call it the lollipop, because of what someone did at the 4-way stop.

The signs indicating there will be a 4-way stop ahead now have reflective tape on the poles below the signs; yellow reflective tape on the indicator signs and red reflective tape on the stop sign poles.

These are highly visible and make it look like a lollipop! What an ingeniously simple, yet highly effective way to draw attention to the signs. I don't know whose idea it was or if it had led to less accidents at the intersection, but it catches a person's eye, well, at least mine! I hope it is having positive results and it was worth the try, keeping it simple yet very noticable. Way to think out of the box!

Sally Caspersen


Trouble in River City


I am disappointed with the opinions that have been published recently.

There is a recurring theme that ISIS is coming to get us, that LGBTQ issues will invade the city, and that immigrants will make this a sanctuary city. Where is the visible threat? Just because people who are different than you happen to live in Hudson, this does not mean they are a threat. This is fear mongering or better said a distraction from the real issues.

There are some real fears that we should address like the fact that a foreign country attempted (Russia) to disrupt our elections and that there are any number of political figures who have had covert meetings with Russian officials, have spent time influencing our government, and are now under investigation. This is a real issue and it should generate fear.

There is the issue of big money coming in from everywhere without regulation which is influencing our elections and our legislators. (The NRA has received money from Russia: how-much- money-it- got-from- russia-linked-donors/) We have no controls to protect our democracy from this threat. These are legitimate fears.

If you want real fear issues, how about the guns, the shootings, the drugs, the sex trafficking, and the domestic abuse that is impacting our city every day? We have issues that we need to address but fear generated out of ignorance or hatred is not one of them.

"Remember who the real enemy is" (quote from the 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire).

Deborah Monicken

North Hudson

Year of the Bird


2018 has been declared the "Year of the Bird" by National Geographic, The Audubon Society, the Cornell Ornithology Lab and others. It marks 100 years of the signing of The Migratory Bird Treaty Act by the US Congress. As well, 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, which includes the St. Croix River — an important route for migrating birds.

A number of events are planned the weekend of May 11-13 to celebrate Migratory Bird Day, including a number locally. On Friday, May 11, starting at 6 p.m. The Phipps will host an exhibit of student art themed on migratory birds followed by a reception. On Saturday the 12th, Carpenter Nature Center/Wisconsin Campus will host a Bird Migration Celebration starting at 8 a.m. with bird hikes, bird banding and habitat walks. These activities are sponsored by Tropical Wings, Inc. Support these efforts by attending one or more of the events. The full program is available online at

And Hudson has just received designation at a Bird City — the 109th in Wisconsin!

Judy Freund Ed.D.