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Letters to the editor: Liberalism vs. Americanism; Research your own SPLC facts

Liberalism vs. Americanism


America's young people desperately need to learn the fundamentals of the Constitution and its importance to liberty.

In the last presidential primaries, more millennials (America's youngest voters) voted for Bernie Sanders, who proudly espoused dangerous socialism, than voted for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined.

Though the final election results were encouraging for those who support limited government, the millennial vote bodes ill for the future—unless these young voters get the constitutional education they aren't getting in public schools.

Hillsdale College's faculty have devoted their lives to educating young people, and every year nearly 400 Hillsdale students graduate. Reaching and educating more and more Americans, including young Americans, was one of the main reasons Hillsdale College launched its free online courses in 2011. Since then, more than one million people have enrolled in them.

Hillsdale recently revamped and re-filmed its very first course, "Introduction to the Constitution," in a way to make it more engaging and more effective.

In this course, Hillsdale President Larry P. Arnn, who is also a professor of politics and history at the College, explains the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to a group of students in an engaging and entertaining classroom style.

Hillsdale refuses to accept one penny of government funding, even indirectly in the form of student grants or loans.

America's young people represent the future of our country. The direction they take the country will depend on the kind of education they get. The no cost online course, titled "Introduction to the Constitution," is available at

The primary method of liberal (dangerous) indoctrination of young people happens in the classroom, in addition to, administration, guidance counselors, course advisers, and so forth. Public education needs to be disinfected because it [liberalism] is intentionally destroying America.

Mary Grosenick


Research your own SPLC facts


Like sex and fear, hate sells and nobody seems to be doing it better than the Hudson Inclusion Alliance (HIA). And now they appear to have partnered-up with a well-known hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has listed the Citizens for the St. Croix Valley on their Hate Map.

Both the HIA and the Star Observer reporters selected just enough propaganda from the SPLC website to contribute to what some may call sensational journalism. I urge you to do your own more honest and thorough research.

"The National Review" described the SPLC as a "machine for turning leftist hysteria into cash." "The Humanist" magazine finds that: "The SPLC campaigns for laws that will effectively deny free speech and freedom of Association to certain groups of Americans on the basis of their beliefs."

In the article, "Demagogic Bully," author Mark Coleman states the SPLC "blurs the distinction between true hate groups, peaceful activists, and reputable organizations with which it disagrees. Favoring traditional marriage becomes the moral equivalent of cross burning; opposing illegal immigration or amnesty for illegal immigrants equates to advocating genocide; resisting the spread of radical Islam invokes Timothy McVeigh; and anti-tax tea party groups are now indistinguishable from armed militias or Holocaust deniers. All those who oppose the left are, by definition, fascists, white nationalists, Islamophobes, hate groups, bigots or extremists."

In October 2016 the SPLC published a "Field Guide to anti-Muslim extremists." The report (since removed) denounced 15 top voices of anti-jihad education and leadership. Muslim reformer Majid Nawaz was targeted. As an anti-Muslim extremist he later filed a defamation suit against the SPLC saying "these people in sweet Alabama decided I don't have the right to speak about my own heritage and critique it from within."

Don't get your facts about the Southern Poverty Law Center from the Hudson Inclusion Alliance.

Pat Sabin


A call to accountability


A call to accountability; opinion writers, Tony Bol, his wife, Eden Penn, Kerry Guerkink, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and the Hudson Inclusion Alliance.

Since 1986 the SPLC has been invested in silencing and destroying conservatives, which they label as varying forms of "extremism" and, most recently, "right-wing extremism."

The SPLC is a hate group rivaled only by the Democrat Party. Folks, practically every mainstream conservative organization is listed on that website as a hate group.

The SPLC is one of the biggest hate groups on the left. The SPLC supports gay marriage, LGBT, open borders, illegal aliens, non-vetted refugees, radical Muslims, and more and if you happen to disagree, you are the hater.

SPLC tars and feathers conservative groups and calls them hate groups Ditto for Bol and Penn, who place themselves on their bully pulpit, shouting with anger and open hostility and labeling (falsely) a conservative group, Citizens for the St. Croix Valley, a hate group.

Bol's hubris was on full display, arguing (falsely) "Citizens for the St. Croix Valley is just one group that represents the worst of Hudson's humanity." Those who "represent the worst of Hudson's humanity" are Bol and Penn projecting their own anger and hate and alleging (falsely) conservatives are hate groups.

The Hudson 'Inclusion' Alliance is anything but ... inclusive. It's a pretext to destroy Hudson and its traditional conservative Christian views and beliefs. The Alliance actively seeks people who espouse non-normative, self-destructive lifestyles, behaviors, beliefs, choices, and values aka people with a lot of problems and a drain on society/Hudson.

Many are fed up with the weekly diatribes of Bol, Penn et al — left wing smear merchants spreading hate and putting targets on people's backs.

Folks, if there's anything you should ignore — and there are a lot of things you should ignore — put the SPLC, Hudson 'Inclusion' Alliance, Bol, Penn, and Guerkink on the list.

Guerkink argues "spread love, not hate," which is a false choice. Spread truth.

My best advice to Bol, Penn, Guerkink, and those in the delusional 'inclusion' group attempting to advance false narratives, "STOP!"

Rhonda Davis


Better described as 'global weirding'


Traditionally May is a temperate month, a more or less gentle easing into warmer weather. We enjoy the return of beloved bird species and the world turns green. Forsythia, lilac, bridal veil and honeysuckle spill their fragrances in the breeze, and we accommodate the gradual transition from extremes of winter to extremes of summer.

This May the familiar patterns do not hold. Not long after mid-month, brutally hot and humid weather of the kind we associate with July moved in.

On Memorial Day Twin Cities temperatures climbed to 100 degrees, the earliest date to reach three digits on record.

A look back at this past spring reveals other disruptions of the usual patterns.

NASA lists March 2018 as one of the six warmest Marches on record.

At the other extreme, this past April, according to Minnesota Public Radio, was one of the five coldest Aprils in state history. At 1.6 inches, April 2018 broke the previous daily average April snow depth of 1.3 inches.

MPR weatherman Mark Seeley noted that April gave farmers the latest start to the planting season since 1979.

Some have suggested that what's happening now is better described as "global weirding" rather than "global warming." With eight of the last ten years among the ten hottest years on record worldwide, the earth is surely warming, but our local experience of the change may be more of unpredictable extremes and intense stalled weather systems than of heat.

We may experience a sense of disorientation as the familiar, deeply ingrained seasonal patterns weaken. We are right to worry about the unpredictability of these violent shifts and their implications for public health and safety. We will pay in more than uncertainty if we fail to meet the challenge of climate change together.

Thomas R. Smith

River Falls

If you don't, who will?


The Citizens for the St. Croix Valley's ( mission statement has not changed a single word since the beginning. Their mission statement is always omitted by enemies of our Constitutional Republic. The CFSCV strive to protect and preserve the Constitutional Republic for everyone—including those they disagree with.

Tony Bol was quoted as saying: "As our community works with our local police and city officials it has become apparent that we need to also seek assistance from outside agencies and support systems. Hudson individuals that experience prejudicial actions or hate crimes will be encouraged to also contact state and federal organizations that are not influenced by those that align with Citizens for the St.Croix Valley."

"First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Is Bol implying that associating with CFSCV is prejudicial? These tactics should be very obvious to anyone, except those who are truly blinded by hate.

The CFSCV is not the only target for SPLC's "Yellow Star of Hatred" campaign. Wisconsin DOJ Attorney General Brad Schimel and Christian organizations such as the Family Research Council are also targeted. D. James Kennedy Ministries is suing the SPLC for defamation, and we hope to join them in a class action lawsuit.

Anni Cyrus said her grandmother and mother did nothing to stop the Islamic invasion of Iran because they didn't think it would ever "succeed." The Constitution and Sharia Law/Islam cannot co-exist. How dead can a soul be to feel nothing after listening to Anni Cyrus' testimony of being a forced child bride, sex slave, torture victim and witness to the screams of her Kafir 11-year-old friend being sodomized, never to see her again? The UN's definition of human trafficking does not have an exception for Sharia/Islam. Join us to preserve and protect our Constitution. If you don't, who will?

Darla Meyers