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Letter: Young Hudson ambassadors to the rescue


This past Thursday, July 5, I was on a mission to purchase a very specific item from a specialty store. I found a parking spot a block away and I, a 78-year-old woman, managed to do a fairly decent job of parallel parking in spite of the crick in my neck and the cars passing kind of fast and kind of close.

So I got out of the car and then was faced with the parking meter. The meter seemed conventional (old), but I needed a credit card. Well, I have one of those. I just couldn't figure it out. How do I pay from my phone? I hate to appear confused!

For a moment, I sat on the wall across from the meter, phone in hand, when two lovely women, seeing my situation, stopped and offered help. The one who could have been my granddaughter, took my phone, downloaded something, asked me some questions and soon I have an app that I can use in the future! I just felt so good to have been "rescued."

They were so pleasant. They were sunshine, great ambassadors for Hudson.

I went into Grand Fete, purchased a cherry pitter, the object of my quest, and some other neat things. Upon checking out, I was told Hudson is getting new meters. I just hope I can use the app already installed on my phone and that I can remember my pin number!

Thank you, ladies.

Linda Potton

River Falls