Letters: Thank you for help after a fall; Hudson children's librarian's retirement celebration


Thank you for help after a fall


A special thank you to three/four beautiful ladies who came to my aid when I fell flat on my face while entering Target in Hudson on Aug. 11. I no sooner hit the pavement and they were there to help me. They asked if I was hurt and then said, "We will get you up!" I said, "I'm heavy, you need a big strong man!" They repeated, "We will get you up!"

AND 1-2-3 and I was on my feet. So befuddled, that I didn't get their names, but they are my angels. I hope you read this gals. God bless you!

Appreciate you and thank you.

Marge Dusek

River Falls

Hudson children's librarian's retirement celebration


On Tuesday, Aug. 28, the Hudson Area Public Library held a retirement party in honor of Mary Davis, the children's librarian, better known as "Miss Mary" and her beloved hand puppet "Baby Bear."

There was a large crowd and a long line of parents, grandparents and children waiting patiently to pay their respects and enjoy the refreshments. It was rather quiet and peaceful, and I was pleasantly surprised at how very polite the children were. Since I was serving the drinks, I really appreciated their good manners.

Once again I was reminded of what a great resource the public library is for the city and surrounding area. It's a place where people can go for both entertainment and continuing learning. Technology and the wealth of information in books can be found side by side and the history of the area is stored there, in the History Room. Everyone is welcome, and the library card is free. If you aren't already using the Hudson Area Library, give it a try.

Phyllis O'Connor

North Hudson

Lies in the textbooks event


We live in fascinating and troublesome times. Indeed, a time when it is dangerous to merely speak the truth. Today, speaking the truth leads to endless accusations and threats of censorship. Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Apostle Paul asked: "Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" (Galatians 4:16) Many Muslims and many in the liberal media claim that the Straight Way of Grace Ministry is a "hate" ministry. But is this true? Does the Straight Way actually teach "hate" or perhaps it reveals an uncomfortable truth?

The Straight Way of Grace Ministry exposes the disturbing truths about Islam and also equips Christians to reach out to their Muslim friends with the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 13, at the Hudson House (1616 Crestview Drive, Hudson), Straight Way of Grace founder, Usama Dakdok, will present the topic: "Lies in the Textbooks." This eye-opening presentation will clearly prove that there is an ongoing effort to influence school-aged children with a pro-Islam curriculum that glosses over the violent history of Mohammed's religion while also seeking to minimize the impact, history, and truths of Christianity.

The Old Testament prophet Hosea announced: "My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) Muslim groups and the liberal media are seeking to suppress knowledge about the true nature of Islam and its political and religious goals. Usama Dakdok, who was born in Egypt and studied Islamic law, will empower you with information from actual history, with passages from Islam's holy book (the Qur'an) and with statements by Muslim scholars and our modern textbooks.

"Lies in the Textbooks," sponsored by Citizens for the St. Croix Valley, will be followed by a Question and Answer session at 7:30 p.m. (questions only, no comments, please).

Are our children being indoctrinated with a false view of Islam and a weakened view of Christianity? Is there a coordinated plan to rewrite history and reframe the future? "Lies in the Textbooks" will present you with the necessary information and then let you decide.

Usama Dakdok

The Straight Way of Grace Ministry, Inc

Marble Hill, Missouri

Calling it out


Last week's Community Calendar in the HSO listed an event sponsored by Citizens For the St. Croix Valley titled "Lies in the Textbooks", scheduled for Sept. 13. According to its description, the presentation will focus on the "ongoing effort to influence school-aged children with a pro-Islam curriculum that glosses over the violent history of Mohammed's religion while also seeking to minimize the impact, history, and truths of Christianity." A question and answer session will follow, but "no comments" are allowed. Once again, CFTSCV will be targeting our Hudson Schools by attempting to say that our Hudson teachers are proselytizing for Islam.

Please support our Hudson Schools and do not allow CFTSCV to potentially spread false information about our school system. Now is the the time to stand up and speak out against lies.

Eden Penn


Amazing: Trump donated his salary


On Friday the Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary, and position title of all 377 White House employees.

The report also stated that President Donald Trump, once again, decided not to take one dime of his salary and instead, he donated it to a truly amazing cause.

The report also showed that President Trump, a businessman with a keen intellect, is far better at saving taxpayers' money than Obama. The total annual White House salaries under President Trump are $35.8 million vs. $60.9 million under Obama, which is a savings of $25.1 million. Other key findings in the report include:

There are 140 fewer employees on the White House staff under President Trump than under Obama at this point in their respective presidencies.

There are 39 fewer staffers dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). Currently, there are only five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. 44 staffers who served Michelle Obama (FY2009) ... at taxpayers' expense.

Everyone is talking about and so very proud of President Trump who donated all $400,000 to the Department of the Interior where it will be used for construction and repair needs at military cemeteries! AMAZING!

It's so great to have a president who loves our brave military men and women so much!

Mary Grosenick