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Letters to the editor: County Supervisor's reply on carbon fee; The world stage

County Supervisor's reply on carbon fee


My name was mentioned unfavorably in a post last week in the HSO by Ms. Meyers. That part was unsurprising, but then she attempted to tell everyone what my intentions were when I proposed that the County Board take up for review the resolution passed by the La Crosse County Board in December 2017 urging Congress to consider a revenue-neutral fee on carbon in fossil fuels. She is wrong about my intentions.

Early last Monday, I had contacted the Chairman of the Administration Committee informing him that this matter should be taken off the agenda because I had not had time to fully prepare for this important subject matter.

In spite of the matter being taken off the agenda, I received a barrage of anonymous text messages, some with threats, telling me that I better not move forward for discussion and debate any proposal that would urge Congress to tax carbon. This community as everyone knows has a small sect of quite mean-spirited, undemocratic residents. Here is one of the threats, "Go ahead and we'll make the French yellow, [vests] look like school yard."

I can take the heat, because I am a public official. But when my wife and neighbors are left to discover anonymous flyers on mailboxes stating that I am aka "The Gas Goon," I think this uncivilized conduct has gone too far.

Good grief climate change deniers, you can believe that the warnings about climate change are just a hoax, and you can believe that the earth is flat, just don't threaten public officials who desire to debate and potentially do something about this issue.

For the vast majority of those of you in this community who are extremely concerned about the ticking of the clock towards irreversible climate change causing extinctions of species and worldwide famine, please contact me at so that we can work together.

Roy Sjoberg,


County Supervisor, District 5

Rebuttal to library letter

Editor's note: We are allowing two letters from County Supervisor Roy Sjoberg this week, as they are rebuttals to two different topics.


I write this letter in response to former County Supervisor Long's misinformation posted in last week's HSO putting into question my support for the Hudson Library.

Back in 2002, the Hudson Library promised the County Board, that if the county were to permit the Hudson Library to form a joint library, the joint library would take over collecting the library tax from the residents of the Village of North Hudson, the Town of Hudson and in 2003 the Town of St. Joseph. But of critical importance, the Hudson Library also agreed that the joint library would continue to share the distribution of this additional library tax revenue among the neighboring libraries in New Richmond, River Falls, Roberts, Baldwin and Somerset to pay for library services rendered to residents of the new joint library municipalities. Honorably, those shared revenue payments were made up until about 2014. At that point in time, the Hudson Library chose to renege on its promise. Instead of continuing to make the revenue distributions to its neighbors, it decided to keep all the library tax revenue for itself!

That action taken by the Hudson Library is unethical, shameful and made with complete disregard to the impact it would have on its neighboring libraries; which because of that action, would no longer be compensated for the services they were rendering to the residents of the three joint library communities.

Despite the county calling the Hudson Library Board to task on this, the Hudson Library Board continues to disregard with impunity the impact of its actions on its neighboring libraries.

While the county is unable to fully remedy this harm, it is in a position to mitigate the harm by holding back part of the County Library tax collected from other county residents and distributing the held back amount to the neighboring libraries in proportions to the harm done. On Aug. 7, 2018, the County Board voted 12-5 in favor of acting to mitigate the harm down by the Hudson Library Board's continuing breach of its promise. The minute the Hudson Library Board restarts its promised payments to its neighbors, the County Board will discontinue the hold back.

Roy Sjoberg


County Supervisor, District 5

The world stage


The stand that President Donald Trump is taking right now with the entire nation watching, and frankly, the whole world watching, is a stand that I believe he will win.

President Trump is fighting for working people and he's fighting to restore the borders around this country that are the essential ingredient for national sovereignty and national success in a way that no one has whose held that office—not only in my lifetime, but frankly, in the history of this county.

There is no question that both political parties in America have contributed to unwise foreign policy, unwise trade policy and unwise immigration policy.

Donald Trump came into office and has turned that all around; getting tough on China on trade, renegotiating NAFTA, pulling the U.S. out of the ill-conceived Paris Climate Accord, cracking down on illegal immigration, dealing with unskilled low-wage migration, and reorienting our foreign policy. All these issues have negatively affected working people in our country for decades and President Trump is turning it around with his "America First" policies.

The Democrats and RINO's are fighting for illegal aliens. President Trump is fighting for American citizens. That's what this whole thing's about. This is about sovereignty. It's about working men and women. It's about safe communities. It's about wages, living conditions and quality of life.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer et al want open borders and believe a wall is "immoral." If you want to stop the horrors on the northward trek — the rape that occurs, the abuse that occurs, the physical assault and the death that occurs — then for the love of God, fund the border wall. If not, President Trump needs to shut down the government and the close the border in both directions.

On behalf of all clear-thinking Americans, "Thank you President Trump!"

Mary Grosenick


Bridging the climate crisis


When I think of the partisan divide that prevents us from addressing the climate crisis, I look to history for stories of successes that helped change the world. My favorite is an event in 1986 to raise awareness and money to fight hunger and homelessness in America, called "Hands Across America." On May 25, over 5 million people joined hands for 15 minutes, making a human chain that reached from New York to California, a 4,125-mile route! What an incredible feat that literally "built a bridge," uniting us from sea to sea.

Can we do the same with the Climate Crisis? Can we reach across the aisle, transcend the politics and find common ground and common values? Yes! It comes in the form of legislation that was recently co-sponsored by three Republicans: Francis Rooney, Brian Fitzpatrick and Dave Trott, and five Democrats: Ted Deutch, John Delaney, Charlie Crist, Anna Eshoo and Judy Chu, called "Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act." The most appealing feature is the carbon dividend that is rebated to all American households equally in the form of a monthly check. (The money for this carbon dividend comes from a fee on carbon pollution.)

The carbon dividend will protect the incomes of lower-and middle-income families by putting money in their pockets to offset rising energy costs—often with money left over to spend as they wish. Other positive aspects of this bill: it is bipartisan; it is effective, reducing our carbon emissions by 40 percent in 12 years; it is good for health and saves lives by reducing air pollution; it will add 2.1 million jobs over the next 10 years as we transition to a clean energy economy; it will spur the innovation of renewable energy and low-carbon products that give consumers greener options; and there is a Border Carbon Adjustment fee to protect American jobs from moving overseas. To learn more about the "Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act", go to

Let's all take action for a livable world by joining hands to build the bridge that will turn this climate crisis around. Call your senators and representative, asking them to support "Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act."

Sen. Tammy Baldwin—202-224-5653

Sen. Ron Johnson—202-224-523

Rep. Sean Duffy (7th District)—202-225-3365

Linda Herscher