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Letters to the editor: What do you think?; Is Zimmerman really 'the people's' representative?

What do you think?


Given the recent actions in Madison, if I were a cartoonist my drawing would look something like this: There is a man in a nice suit. On the lapel of his suit is a GOP button.

Facing this man is another man we'll call "regular Joe." On the breast pocket of "regular Joe's" T-shirt is an "I voted" sticker. You know, the kind you get after you cast your ballot at your local precinct.

The man in the suit has his arm raised toward "regular Joe," his fist tightly clenched, with the exception of one finger.

For the record: The thumb is generally not considered a finger. What do you think?

John Salwei


Trump is unhinged


In midsummer 2016, I and several million others warned about electing an unhinged man to the presidency. One reason was he holds the nuclear briefcase. He now seems even more unhinged.

Rush, Hannity or Coulter could urge him to bomb Iran, North Korea or a blue state.

If Trump wants a wall so bad, why doesn't he ask his billionaire friends for donations? After all, he gave them a nearly trillion dollar tax cut. Sorry, I lost my head there, they can't afford it.

Marvin L. Nelson

River Falls

What the public cannot get away with


Are you kidding me? He blossoms a .129, fails the only part of the test he took, they will not let him drive, gets in an accident and leaves the scene. All I will say for now, and I promise I am not done, the cops, no matter what lie they want to try and blow by everyone, and it's not even a good one because officers have given plenty of elders in this county a drunk ticket.

Shame on the officer, county, officers' boss, and all involved for letting this drunk driver involved in a hit and run, minor or not it was; the people he has slammed for doing what he did.

Man, I am going to do what I can to have all their jobs because I can notice where government officials can get away with what the public can not.

A breathalizer he says will not hold up; then why do they arrest on the readings? This judge was 1.5 times the limit.

Ed Salava

Lakeland, Minn.

Is Zimmerman really 'the people's' representative?


During the fall election campaign Assemblyman Shannon Zimmerman presented himself via social media and other outlets as wanting to be a "people's representative" working together in Madison for all of us. But during the lame duck legislative session he voted for all of the dirtiest, crappiest, most disgusting, disingenuous, sore loser legislation ever introduced into our Legislature.

It was brought out of secrecy by the Republicans on Friday, a sham hearing held in Madison on Monday, and passed by the Assembly and State Senate in the wee hours of Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning,

The gentleman presenting the bills at the hearing at times got so flustered by the legalese language and its details that at least twice he had to ask an attorney to interpret. Of the 337 people testifying not one supported any of the bills' provisions.

But not to worry, a "public hearing" had been held! Now it could be passed. The Republicans are the ones who don't like big government and don't want excessive regulations and unnecessary involvement in day-to-day affairs. But they just injected a whole new layer of bureaucracy into the business of many of our state agencies and reduced the power and discretion of the governor just to throw sand in the gears of the new administration. If the duties, responsibilities, and administrative discretions that existed for Gov. Walker and other governors before him were appropriate then, why are they not appropriate for the new administration?

Zimmerman even voted to prevent Wisconsin withdrawing from the Texas lawsuit to declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. Obviously he favors people losing coverage for pre-existing conditions and dependents under 26 losing coverage under their parent's policies. Walker said he favors such coverage but not he, Zimmerman, or any Republican introduced legislation to insure that it continue.

Walker gleefully signed it all— vetoed nothing. Zimmerman supported all this with his votes. He is not acting like a people's representative, but rather a political hack of Vos, Fitzgerald, Walker and Schimmel.

Lou Greub

River Falls