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Letters to the editor: A pretty simple and basic concept; Houlton 5G tower

A pretty simple and basic concept


A true student of history would know that you can not judge the Nazi's politics by their name but only by their actual policies. The Nazi party was an ultra-nationalist, socially conservative. anti-egalitarian and Fascist ideology. If that does not sound much like socialism, despite the party's full name, that is because it wasn't! Once the Nazis came to power they sent the leaders of the Social Democratic Party to concentration camps. Strikes were outlawed. Unions were controlled by the Party, not the people.

This is a pretty simple and basic concept and it makes me wonder about the veracity of the rest of the views of one who espouses such misguided ideas.

Michael Schendel


Houlton 5G tower


Your Feb. 7 article on the Houlton communication tower needs further discussion. It seems St. Croix county was duped into paying for another Minnesota-based 5G tower. St. Croix County has no current communication lapses and everyone can call 911 at any time to receive help. What do we currently pay Bayport Stack for anything? $345,000 seems a bit ridiculous.

All cell phones and current communication devices use microwaves. These communication towers use high intensity microwaves to boost signals which are thousands of times that of cell phones. How does Houlton Elementary feel about this? This technology is purposefully un-researched and untested in any official laboratory. Tom Wheeler, Obama's FCC chair said it best in a June 20, 2016 National Press Conference speech rolling out these 5G towers: "We do not believe we should spend the next couple of years of what 5G should be or how it should operate." There are no official studies of health effects of 5G.

We are allowing children, teachers and those who work and live near this to be subjected to this radiation. After all, according to Tom Wheeler, "this will generate billions in revenue for companies "... "and that's damn important." Please educate yourselves on this disaster of a plan for your county.

Matt Wallin