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Letters to the editor: It worked for Trump

It worked for Trump


So now Joe Biden has two women accusing him of inappropriate behavior. All I can say is, Joe, you're never going to be president if this is all you've got. You have to have many more accusations of this sort to compete.

The current president has set the bar for this very high, or low, depending on how you look at it. It also wouldn't hurt for you to talk extremely vulgarly about women, you know, "you can grab them by the p----," that sort of thing. You might also want to refer to women as slobs and fat pigs. This worked very well for our guy in the White House. You're just going to have to up your game, Joe.

Paul Wright


What security?


A Chinese woman gained entrance to Mar-a-Lago Resort (aka The Winter White House) using multiple lies. In her possession were a number of cell phones, two Chinese passports, a device containing malicious software, a laptop and an external hard drive.

We are entrusting our nation's future safety in the hands of The Loser of the Popular Vote. This is a person who is obsessed with southern border security but only provides slipshod and incompetent security at his own resort.

Thankfully for us that a resort staff member had the foresight to question the authenticity of the woman's claim of club membership and alerted the appropriate authorities before our nation's security could have been critically breached.

Roger Schlemmer


I was 'unplanned'


I can still remember the day in my teens when I heard my mom (she had a way of getting my attention) say "Larry, you know you weren't planned." Something inside of me recoiled as she gave me context. After four boys and a girl she and my father had what they felt was enough. Then there was Larry ... and Mark ... and Peter.

I tread lightly in speaking out on matters that could be viewed as political, but today I have decided not to rail, but to explain and appeal. I recently saw the movie "Unplanned," which gives

the account of Abby Johnson, who was one of the youngest directors ever of a Planned Parenthood clinic. Abby had two abortions herself. She was asked to assist in an ultrasound aided abortion and what she saw so violated her conscience she left her job. Key in Abby's

transformation was a friendship by a non-condemning sidewalk counselor. The movie is not

hostile toward those who have made difficult choices. You may have not heard of this film because of how information is disseminated or blocked, as in this case. As it turns out, Fox

News and CBN (predictably) are the only two networks that will run ads for "Unplanned,"

ensuring that this story is kept in the dark. As the Washington Post's motto says "Democracy

Dies in Darkness."

The film was also given an R rating. There are usually three reasons for an R rating. Sexual

nudity, unsavory language or gratuitous violence. There was no vulgarity or nudity in this film"

the rating was due to violence. The question becomes violence against whom? The film

contained violence, but I have been exposed to equal or more graphic violence on any of the

many CSI or NCIS shows that exist on major networks of our day.

And herein lies my appeal. There was violence against a human, a baby. What turned Abby's

stomach and heart and life was not a tissue mass, but a child seeking to avoid death at the hands of an intruder with legal sanction. A victim. Helpless. Hopeless. But not worthless. This is

why Abby now champions life. Not only for the child, but the mother as well. To be truly pro-life is to seek the welfare of all.

I would encourage you to see "Unplanned." I will not say it is unbiased, but I do think it gives an

accurate depiction of what is at stake. For the record, I never felt unwanted. My mom assured me of that on the day I recoiled and throughout the rest of her life that I was wanted. But I was

unplanned. Thanks, mom. I can't wait for the day to tell you face to face.

Larry Szyman


Cowardly complicity


When did "Advise and Consent" turn into "Whatever You Want?" The president lurches from one mindless rant to another (close the border ... wait a year ... close the border), disrupts aid programs designed to encourage migrants to stay at home, gets rid of the head of the Secret Service and Secretary of Homeland Security in less than 24 hours, rekindles family separation and the specter of kids in cages — all while Sen. Ron Johnson and his Homeland Security Committee sit on their hands and look the other way.

Instead of living up to the Constitution's vision of an independent, co-equal branch of government designed to provide a check and balance to unfettered power of the presidency, the Senate and its committees are meekly unraveling to Follow-The-Dear Leader toward autocracy. Our children, and their children, may well have to bear the future consequences of today's cowardly complicity.

William Giese