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Letters to the editor: Tongue in cheek; Sincere gratitude to Peg Shoemaker

Tongue in cheek


I have to commend the writer of the "pro" Trump letter in last week's paper that ended with "Americans thank God for Trump." It was probably the greatest piece of tongue-in-cheek writingI have ever read.

Describing Trump as intelligent, presidential, and garnering the respect of world leaders had me rolling on the floor. It was priceless.

Paul Wright


Sincere gratitude to Peg Shoemaker


I want to offer a gratitude filled THANK YOU to Mrs. Peg Shoemaker, Hudson High School principal, for her many years of service to the Hudson School district and to HHS in particular. Mrs. Shoemaker is warm, responsive and a strong but gentle leader. She is a role model for kindness, compassionate problem-solving and treating all people with respect. Through her skilled leadership, HHS has become a wonderfully strong school that all of Hudson can be proud of. She's made a permanent imprint there, from her support of the building renovation project to stellar student academic successes across all ability levels- to the many talented creative arts groups, winning sports teams and all other extracurriculars and programs.

Great things are happening at HHS and we will never forget your contributions Mrs. Shoemaker. Middleton HS is extremely fortunate to have you as their new principal. Please know that you will be missed and thank you again for making a positive lasting impression on Hudson schools and this community.

Susan Richards