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Minnesota captures MN-WI PGA Junior Cup

HUDSON — Team Minnesota captured the 20th iteration of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Section PGA Junior Cup matches contested June 29-30 at Troy Burne Golf Club in Hudson.

The defending champions bested the Wisconsin team by a final score of 19.5 to 16.5. Overall, Wisconsin leads the series 13-7 with one match having ended in a draw.

Each team consisted of 12 boys and 12 girls selected to represent their state PGA section in a modified Ryder Cup team type event. Most participants are in high school although a few either just graduated or are entering ninth grade this fall.

The format for the first day of matches was four-ball (the best score of the two-person team counting as the team score in match play) and individual singles matches (match play) on the second day. One point was awarded for winning a match and half a point given for a tie.

Minnesota led after the first day 7.5-4. On the second day, point totals were split 6-6. Overall, the Minnesota boys accounted for 10 of their team's 19.5 points and on the Wisconsin side the girls team accounted for 8.5 of their teams 16.5 point total.

Commenting on the matches, Minnesota team captain and PGA junior golf director Bob Bush expressed "Pride in the way our kids played against an outstanding Wisconsin team. The quality of play and sportsmanship was what we had hoped for when this series was created."

Wisconsin team captain and PGA junior golf director Andy Landenberger, congratulated Team Minnesota and noted "Many of the matches went down-to-the-wire. The quality of the golf was superb and the outcome could have gone either way."

Play included two eagles, one by the Wisconsin boys' team and one by the Minnesota girls' team (which was needed to beat a birdie by her opponent). The captains went on to comment that these golfers were among the premier junior golfers in their respective states and many would go on to college golf careers and beyond.

Both captains also shared their players' comments that Troy Burne was an "awesome facility" for the event, praised the condition of the course, and expressed their appreciation to Troy Burne owner Gary Sauer and to head pro and Minnesota Golf Hall of Famer Dave Tentis and his staff for hosting the event.