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Karate group members

Hudson Kempo-Goju karate dojo. Submitted photo

The Hudson Kempo-Goju dojo has several new and returning students for the fall.

The group includes, front from left, George Davenport, Billy Jewell, Vincent Kromrey, Vaughn Kromrey and Gregg Kromrey; back, Sempai Graham McManus, Tom Cincotta, Alex Shonkwiler, Jeremy Beck (returning from a 14-year hiatus), Hunter Smith and Sensei Scott Lucas.

Not pictured, Sensei Steve Olson, Sensei Dan Lucas, Sensei Jason Hand (deployed on active duty), Sempai Nate Shonkwiler and Sempai Randy Smith.

Kempo-Goju Karate is a non-profit club that meets at the Hudson High School every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. For more information, contact Lucas at (715) 220-6830,, or go to