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Dutton attends National Girl Scout Destination event

Hudson Girl Scout Cadette Peren Dutton (center) is pictured departing from the Northern Lakes Canoe Base. Submitted photo1 / 2
Peren Dutton2 / 2

Hudson Girl Scout Cadette Peren Dutton attended a 2018 National Girl Scout Destination event called "North Country Rock-n-Wilderness" in July. She was one of 39 girls ages 12-14 from across the U.S. who arrived in Duluth to begin their 12-day experience.

The adventure started by heading to the north shore of Lake Superior, where the girls got to know each other while challenging themselves with rock climbing and kayaking. Then, they headed to the Girl Scout's Northern Lakes Canoe Base off Moose Lake, on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

After a day of training, packing and planning, they paddled north to Canada where they spent seven days paddling and portaging through the wilderness. They divided into seven small groups of five to six girls, with trained Girl Scout canoe guides providing the tools and coaching to ensure each expedition crew succeeded at their adventure. They sang and laughed as they paddled along rocky shorelines, portaged around rapids, trudged through boot-sucking mud, swam in clear lakes and enjoyed the serenity of a quiet evening campfire under a starry sky.

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