Rachel Fergus



This 121 year old house has been completely updated with a new roof, windows, siding, mechanical and all new appliances. The updates also include a wrap around porch on the side and back of the house and a sunroom. While the house is on the smaller side, if feels large with an open concept, light walls and floors, and tons of natural light. 

Asking price: $1,650,000Bedrooms: fiveBathrooms: nineSquare feet: 11,686Acres: 16.2Year built: 2006


The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection in the Stanford Libraries defines "geodesic" as "a spherical structure which is constructed out of interconnecting lines rather than out of curved surfaces." This structure has been used for homes and building structures because, at the Fuller Collection explains, "The advantages of a geodesic dome are that it is lightweight, easy to construct out of component parts, is resistant to wind and shocks, and can be built in almost any size, from a small jungle gym to an enormous hangar for housing airplanes."

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